Study And Work In Canada: 10 fruit picking Jobs with Visa Sponsorships


Embarking on a fruit-picking job in Canada isn’t just about the work; it’s about immersing yourself in nature, earning a competitive wage, and experiencing Canadian culture, all facilitated by visa sponsorship. This comprehensive guide offers everything you need to know to start your journey.

Canada’s vast and varied landscape makes it ideal for a variety of orchards and fruit farms. Each year, these farms demand a sizable workforce to harvest everything from apples and peaches to exotic berries. Here, we delve into the types of fruits grown and the regions most known for their cultivation.

Job Requirements and Experiences

Fruit picking is a labor-intensive job that requires precision and stamina. It offers a unique opportunity to live and work outdoors, and for many, serves as a gateway to Canadian society through cultural exchanges facilitated by visa sponsorship.


The Advantage of Visa Sponsorship

Visa sponsorship is crucial for many international workers. It simplifies the legal complexities of working in Canada and opens the door to long-term employment and cultural integration. We explore how farms facilitate this sponsorship.

Steps to Acquire Visa Sponsorship

After securing a job offer, the sponsorship process begins with the employer’s support. This section details each step, from application to approval.

Why Choose Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada?

Aside from the tangible benefits such as competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, these jobs offer an immersive cultural experience. Workers get the chance to engage with the local community, learn languages, and gain skills that are valuable both personally and professionally.


Top Companies Offering Fruit Picking Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

British Columbia Berry Growers

  • Pay: $16/hr
  • How to Apply: Application details available on BC Berry Careers
  • Vacancies: Positions available for strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry picking
  • Location: British Columbia
  • Contact:
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Quebec Orchard Co-op

  • Pay: $14.50/hr
  • How to Apply: Submit an application via Quebec Orchard Careers
  • Vacancies: Multiple vacancies in apple and pear picking
  • Location: Quebec
  • Contact:

Prairie Fruit Farms

  • Pay: $15.50/hr
  • How to Apply: Details and application form available at Prairie Fruit Jobs
  • Vacancies: Cherry and plum picking positions
  • Location: Manitoba
  • Contact:

Niagara Fruit and Vine

  • Pay: $17/hr
  • How to Apply: Applications can be made directly on Niagara Fruit Careers
  • Vacancies: Grape picking and vineyard maintenance roles
  • Location: Ontario
  • Contact:

Alberta Tree Fruit Ltd.

  • Pay: $16/hr
  • How to Apply: Visit Alberta Tree Fruit Employment
  • Vacancies: Apple and cherry picking
  • Location: Alberta
  • Contact:

The Berry Patch

  • Pay: $15/hr
  • How to Apply: Application information at The Berry Patch Jobs
  • Vacancies: Strawberry and raspberry pickers needed
  • Location: Nova Scotia
  • Contact:

Saskatoon Berry Farms

  • Pay: $14/hr
  • How to Apply: Check out Saskatoon Berry Employment
  • Vacancies: Saskatoon berry picking positions
  • Location: Saskatchewan
  • Contact:

Ontario Citrus Orchards

  • Pay: $16.50/hr
  • How to Apply: Job details available on Ontario Citrus Careers
  • Vacancies: Citrus fruit picking, particularly oranges and lemons
  • Location: Ontario
  • Contact:

Maritime Apple Orchards

  • Pay: $15/hr
  • How to Apply: The application process is detailed on Maritime Apple Careers
  • Vacancies: Specialist roles in apple picking and orchard management
  • Location: New Brunswick
  • Contact:


We have listed some fruit-picking jobs you can do in Canada. You can choose any or apply to multiple jobs to get more opportunity and chances to get the job.

Fruit picking jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship are more than mere employment opportunities; they are pathways to new adventures and personal growth. Are you ready to take the first step on this fruitful journey?

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  • What are the common challenges faced by fruit pickers? The physical strain and local climate adaptation are significant.
  • What is the best time to apply for fruit picking jobs in Canada? Early spring is ideal for securing positions for the summer harvest.
  • Can families of fruit pickers stay in Canada? This depends on the type of visa, with some allowing family members to join.
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